Copying PostgreSQL to cloud server

While doing a little experimentation and learning on PostgreSQL design I realized that if this was my development MO at some point I would need to get my DB onto my Xojo Cloud server. Is this a breeze, hard but doable, mind numbingly stupid thing to try, or impossible? Should I be doing the designing on the server remotely?
Just planning ahead…I think. Thanks!

What tool are you using to design your schema?

RazorSQL mainly but have PGadmin4

Being that razorsql has import and export tools, why not use that?

bare with me Greg…I want to move just my schema to Xojo Cloud, not data…my understanding of it’s export functions is that THAT is for data.

OK, think I see it… PostgreSQL can do an IMPORT FOREIGN TABLE so I can bring tables in from the server. Thanks, still learning.

Yeah. I’m using Navicat Premium and they have data and structure synchronization tools for doing just this.

Thanks Greg. Just figured out how to get back on my Cloud (thanks Jason). Couldn’t you also SFTP a copy/backup/etc of your schema or tables and then restore?