Copying listbox to listbox

This code worked before new API

lst.CellValueAt(ListBox.AllRows, ListBox.AllColumns) = lst2.CellValueAt(ListBox.AllRows, ListBox.AllColumns)

In API2, using DesltopListbox it crashes

lst.CellTextAt(ListBox.AllRows, ListBox.AllColumns) = lst2.CellTextAt(ListBox.AllRows, ListBox.AllColumns)


lst.CellTextAt(-1, -1) = lst2.CellTextAt(-1, -1)


Dim S as String = lst2.CellTextAt(ARowNumber, -1)

still work? I hope so … looking at the docs i don’t see a DesktopListbox.RowContent(row) method!

I use that in certain cases (Well really with the original API I Syntax) and I find it useful.

In any case why not keep the old ways working with the “new” controls to make converting existing projects to “modern” Xojo easier?

Intended or not, they are disincentivizing longtime users from “upgrading” their code by taking things like that out…

Many feel most of the newer functional features they have been adding since API 2 should have been added long ago. Because they were not, many of us either wrote or own solutions or bought plugins to fill the gap, so there is not strong need to adapt code to use the new features…

That combined with having to make so many (some of which are subtle) changes to existing code to be “modern”, sure does not make keeping current attractive!


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