Copy to Windows Clipboard

I know how to copy text to a clipboard with

Dim c As New Clipboard c.SetText(TextArea1.Text)
Problem is I want to be able to paste it to another application or within the program using the built in Edit/Paste menu items.
How do I access the operating system’s default clipboard?

um… you just did

any text in textarea1 at the time that code is executed will be on the system clipboard… at least under OSX it is… and Windows should be exactly the same

I see, I think what happened was the copy to clipboard failed and when I pasted using ctrl+v I got the previous clipboard contents giving me the impression that the text was stored in a different instance of the clipboard.
What I am trying to do is create contextual menus to copy and paste selected text between two text areas on the same form.

HI Craig,

I have run into something like this before:

copy forum

It was difficult to replicate the issue. Maybe this will help?

Strange one this. You’re not alone though - Firefox often fails to copy to the clipboard for me, and has been that way since Netscape days.

Peter, all,

Sometimes I copy a whole page from Firefox, but at paste time into TeachText, the image are lost.

BUT, when I copy / paste from Safari: eveything goes to TextEdit.

The way Firefox code images are rejected by TextEdit, but when Newed in Preview, the image is there…

Thanks, Emile, but I am on Windows, and Safari has always been a bit of a dog on the PC. Woof woof! I was copying only text though.