Copy / Paste objects duplicates 10 times


  1. made a window in my project and added controls to it
  2. decided some of its controls should go in a separate window
  3. created a new window
  4. selected controls in the old window and cut them to the clipboard
  5. copied the controls to the new window.

Result: a beach ball spinning for about 30 seconds, then I get 10 copies of the controls, all on top of each other. Something like this has happened occasionally in earlier versions of the IDE, duplicating the controls maybe twice, but never 10 times. It takes a while to delete 9 copies of a bunch of controls!

I noticed that in pagepanels or tabpanels.
if the controls are inside some panels, they are duplicated more times than needed
I did not have time to test it further, nor report it.
xojo 2017r3 - macos 10.11
also happened in previous releases.

Well this is really ridiculous. I just copied 5 controls from one window to another in 2018r2, and after waiting while the beachball spun for a full 2 MINUTES, Xojo spewed out a whopping 12 COPIES of each control in the new window. There are no page panels or tab panels here. Very annoying.

Here’s something else. After Xojo does this, then I can’t copy and paste ANY controls from any window to any other window. Copy / Paste simply doesn’t work any more, after Xojo does this barrage of unwanted control duplication.

I do wonder if this is in any way related to the reported slowdowns …