Copy/paste in checklist

Dear all,

I need help with something small. In a checklist I can paste content into the editable field with the mouse right-click but I cannot do it via a keyboard shortcut.

Any help is greately appreciated.

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I’m not sure what a checklist is, do you mean listbox?

It works here for me in a listbox when editing a cell in windows, if that is what you mean?

If not could you let us know

  1. what control you’re trying it on
  2. what version of xojo you’re using
  3. what os version you’re using
  4. can you replicate it in a new simple demo project (if yes, can you upload the binary project for us to see?)

in a desktoplistbox
for me the keybord shortcut works, the default copy/pase menu,
put there is no context menu for the right mouse.
there are two events for a context menu and xojo have a Clipboard class you could use.

Thank you, JuianS,

Yes, I meant listbox. The strange thing is that copy/paste works in a the brand new project with a listbox but it does not work in my other application.

I probably messed something up in the code.

I am developing an app for creating and using checklists to assess students’ performances during clinical encounters. When medical students interview patients and perform physical exam, an examiner checks off their actions such as:

  1. student asked patient about chief complaint
  2. student auscultated heart at 4 points with stethoscope on bare skin

In the end, the app calculates the score based on the assigned values and generates a report.

Most of the functionality is there and the apps (one to create checklists and the other one to use checklists) are working as intended.

Thank you and Markus for your help.


The checklist must have the focus (assuming you have the correct code in Edit.Paste Menu Handler to add a Row and put the Clipboard contents in it).
Look at what you’ve done in the Mouse RightClick … and apply the same logic in the menu handler.

^^ :slight_smile:

and have you deleted the MainMenuBar from your project?