Copy paste error...

I’m using the latest version of Xojo, currently 4.1, on my Windows laptop, W 7, SP1.

When I’m working in Xojo, I can not copy /paste in one click, I need to press CTRL + C 3 times, as well as press CTRL + V three times before the copy and paste is actually executed. When I press CTRL + C 1 time, it’s like the “previous copy” is still in the computer memory, so when I then press CTRL + V, it will be the “old”, the “previous copy”, that is pasted… Sort of annoying!!

It’s been like this for a quite long time. I think it’s more a Window issue than a Xojo issue. I have trying to run many Windows Updates as well as many different versions of Xojo. However, this annoying feature remains and I was hoping that more users than me had this unpleasant experience!

Also, as far as I have noticed, this error is only showing off in Xojo, not in any other software as I have been using on my computer.

However, it may still be a Windows issue, rather than a Xojo-thing. Any idea, anyone?

Copy/Paste is problematic in Xojo. The design of the IDE steals focus automatically at times and what you think is being copied isn’t.

The most reliable method for copy/paste is to right-click and use the contextual menu commands.

Oh! Really!? So, more people than me has experience of this feature!?
I’m surprised!

Thank you for the feedback! I’ll try to right-click in the future… and see how it develop!!

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Maybe it will be solved in the near future?

Let me just add, while we’re at it; CTRL + S = Save and it’s the same issue as above… Not always saving on first attempt!

I noticed this 2 - Xojo is less rapid design than it could be

Yeah quite annoying, sometimes you copy something to reuse and paste it, and if you’re a fast typer you don’t always see it didn’t actually paste what you just copied , so you end up pasting whatever was in the clipboard from last time.

What I have found works, is not repeatedly hitting control+c/x etc… but rather hold the shortcut longer.

So basically hold down say control+c for a couple seconds and it always seems to take.

But yeah, needs fixing.

now 7 months later, I still have troubles with copy & paste in normal typing speed.

It is difficult to learn yourself to hold for a longer time than usual or use the contextual menu.
I use almost instinctly ctrl+c or ctrl+v in less than one 1 sec.

In my case I programmed CTRL+C and CTRL+V on the event of mouse wheel left / right.
(Use Logitech Setpoint software or Xmouse tool to do so)
This is no workaround for Xojo copy/paste issue., but it is fast at times your ar using a mouse.

Hope the Xojo team can fix this.

Yes…i still notice this too. And i’m going crazy about this…
So i hope that this will be fixed one day!

[quote=122103:@Tim Wolff]Yes…i still notice this too. And i’m going crazy about this…
So i hope that this will be fixed one day![/quote]

Good news! This has been fixed in 2014 r2.1.

Oh!! Great!!
I was really looking for a reason to download another version with great features as I would never use…
But, with such post, it’s completely different!!