Copy file

I have a db file in XojoCloud SheredDoc
and want to create an instance of it by copied.
The source.copytofile(target) works in windows but when deploying
in Xojo Cloud it fails. Why?
I wonder what I missed…

What folder are you trying to copy it to?

There is a folder X inside sharedDocuments which contain a file. A . I can create a folder Y within sharedDocumentt but when try to A.copyToFile(B) it in order to create an instance of A within Y in SharedDocuments, it fails

You need to make sure if you created folder Y that it has permissions to be written to. It would not by default.

The SharedDocs has permission 777 and inside the directories and files 755.

Try changing the directory you’re writing into to 777.

Thanks Greg. Because i am a bit confused… Can I open a private conversation to ask you a particular question regarding customers’ files permission?