Copy/Export IDE search result

When I do a search through my project I sometimes want to copy or export the result.
This seems to be impossible.
Is there a way to copy/export the search result or does anybody know where the result is stored?

There’s a contextual menu on that list. Does that help?

I don’t see an option for copying or exporting the result in the contextual menu (Xojo 2022r3.2).

I’m pretty sure there’s never been an option to save the search results. I certainly can’t find one now.

I know that copying is available for compile errors/warnings but it appears that this option is not available for searches. :worried:

If you run macOS:

  1. Enlarge the height of that area,
  2. Make a screen shot (Cmd-Shift-4 and select the text you want,
  3. QuickLook the ScreenShot file (in the Desktop Folder)
  4. LiveText the… window
    a. if Ventura: click in the small icon at the bottom-right of the image…
    b. else, select the text you want…

Paste the text in… TextEdit.

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That’s a lot of work for 328 lines. :wink:
When I maximize the find area 15 lines are shown.
But it’s better than no option.
Thank you, I will try this method.
Only 22 screenshots to go. :grinning:

I wanted to say “set that window area taller, then I re-read the number of lines… 328 lines !”

I suppose you are sure about the 15 lines tall area…

Yes, a lot of screen shots.

Right-Click (Contextual Menu) Copy would be far easier… The IDE is not fully RAD ;-:slight_smile:

I suspect that the information is held in some sort of structure / class in memory so I doubt you are going to find a file on disk. The results area can be made taller using the grab handle on the right hand end of the search bar (looks like a hamburger menu), that said I’ve only managed to get 16 rows visible doing that. Not much help, sorry. File a feature request, I’d be happy to sign on.

I made a feature request.

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When you search for text, and select more than one line, you get once the search String (of course, getting nth times the search String is stupid).

But if you have not selected an entry in the Result list, you get the whole Code (if there is code in the Code Editor): Xojo 2021r2.1.
Not tested in the last Xojo version (not downloaded / not enough memory to run it…)

Done… you can sign on to your own requests also. Just the most important a thumbs up.

And the feature request has been marked as implemented. You just have to wait for it to be released.

Yes, I received various emails with changing status.
One of the last emails mentioned that the milestone was changed to 2022r4. :+1:

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