Copy Desktop Window content into WebPage with solution

Is Possible! You need only to have in both the same CustomControls (same name)

  1. Create custom controls in a Desktop Project (for example CustomTextField)
  2. Insert the custom controls in a Desktop Window( for example Field_first_name)
  3. Create custom controls in a Web Project (for example CustomTextField)
  4. Copy Field_first_name from the Desktop Window
  5. Paste Field_first_name to the WebPage

You will obtain:
same content in DesktopWindow and in WebPage with correct Properties!
See sample:
Paste in:

Workarounds: BETA ERROR ( 37127 - WebControls Properties Appares in Desktop Controls Properties)
In actual 2.1 version works correctly, in beta 11 also but lost label and field name.
If you try it in beta version Xojo2014b13 gives an error: in WebPage controls appears with extra Properties (DesktopProperties)!
But the real problem is that in some projects remain extra Properties for ever until you clean them with opening in Xojo2014r2.1

Not currently supported
So its really not a bug

Thank you Norman, but the bug is not the fact that you can not copy from Desktop to WE or From WE to desktop the real problem is that the old versions cleaned on every new saving (cleaned for example from strange extra properties coming from old project done by us programmers during all their years) for example try to open and see the difference of this file:
Sample file
(try to open it in Xojo2014b11 or Xojo2014 2.1 an then i Xojo2014b13!
I seldom happened that Real basic had this problems! i remember year ago (strange properties in inspector) but fortunately where ever resolved, hope will happen also this time!
Thanks Norman

The bug is that the IDE lets you do this at all since it is NOT currently supported.
You literally should not be able to paste Web controls into a desktop project or Desktop Controls into a Web project.
We DO eventually want to make this possible but at the moment what appeared to work (in2012r2.1) actually doesn’t work quite properly.

So I would caution you about relying on “undefined and unsupported behavior”

We wrote an internal utility that would convert desktop apps to web apps but it’s not something available to the public. The event mapping is different and there are desktop controls that just aren’t available on web.