Copy controls pagepanels


I have a PagePanel with 3 pages. I’ve designed the first page with a Groupbox containing different controls.
The next page is very similar, so I wanted to copy all the controls from the first page to the second page and change them there. But when I paste them, the pagepanel jumps to the third page (index 2) and the controls are pasted there. Altough it’s not really the third page, when I use the arrow to the left, I jumpt to the real third page. When I use the arrow again to the right, I jump to the first page.

It seems that controls are pasted to a page I cannot reach with the arrows, and only shows when I select the control in the contentslistbox on the left of Xojo.

Is this a bug, do other people also encounter this? I work on macOS.

Thank you

An addition: apperently the same behaviour happens when I copy on the same page. And also the Paste menuItem is grayed out. I did the pasting with CMD+V.

I created a video to explain the behaviour:

You should create a feedback case for this.

I have seen this too, but know no workaround. It is an annoyance!