Copy a Window image

I want to include an image of an existing window when the app is running, ie copy a window image and place it in a canvas on another window. Is it possible?

at least the inner window part

you could create a picture, use the .graphics from picture to draw into.
assign this picture to canvas backdrop property.

Thank you, I think that sounds good. I will try.
[This is where Xojo could sometimes help a learner more, I need examples of code, and they are lacking in some parts of documentation]

yes, the docu is surficial.
a few people made her own online wiki with samples.
xojo came with examples you could study.

Look below “DrawInto Example”.

BTW: if you get a correct answer, you can let people know.

Thank you, problem solved. And yes documentation is normally very good, I wax searching and perhaps not using right key words. Thank you for your help.