Cookies problem in HandleSpecialURL

Hi, I must set two different cookies in my webapplication in the HandleSpecialUrl event, but I’ve a problem.
Using the Request.SetCookie method two times, the second cookie will not be created.
Using Request.Header(“Set-Cookie”)=“name=value;” two times I’ve got same problem, and using Request.Header(“Set-Cookie”)=“name1=value1; name2=value2;” it sets only the first coockie.

There are a way to resolve my problem?

Fill a feedback case?

how do you see the cookie?

I just tried this code:

[code] Request.SetCookie “test1”, “value1”
Request.SetCookie “test2”, “value2”

dim v as string = Request.Header(“Set-Cookie”)
dim v1 as string = Request.GetCookie(“test1”)
dim v2 as string = Request.GetCookie(“test2”)[/code]

in the HandleSpecialURL event and I can read/write cookies.

I also can read with GetCookie method in Xojo, but in the browser I can’t read both of them, but only the first cookie. I’ve tryed with Firebug in Mozilla and Internet Explorer 11.