Cookies on Windows?

Hi anyone.

Sometime Ago I had the need to get the Cookies of the HTMLViewer, in order to pass it to the Header of a HTTPSecureSocket, in order to download files from a Secure Connection.

I was used the amazing Christian Schmitz’s toys:
For Mac: NSHTTPCookieMBS
For Windows: ChromiumCookieManagerMBS

It worked very veeeeeery fine, Originally the website where I download the files, was very simple to Login, in the same Direction bar, adds your User and password and If your credentials were ok, then It redirects to another webpage, like this:"[b]YourUSER[/b]"%&conpass=[b]YourPASS[/b]&set01sdg

So in CancelLoad event I detect when Login its ok, It shows certain webpage, and then redirects to another website.
Now the HTMLViewer is charged and I can take the cookies.

Nowadays, the owner of the website change the login method.

  1. The login via the direction bar is no longer anymore
  2. It shows a webpage with three Input fields (User, Password and Captcha).
  3. Once typed your credentials and the Captcha it redirects to the final site.

When I catch the Cookies on Mac with NSHTTPCookieMBS, there’s no problem.
I can assembly the cookie without problem and then pass it to the socket and download files.

The Issue there is that when I need to catch the Cookie on Windows (ChromiumCookieManagerMBS), But oh surprise!, The Cookie is very different than the last time and obviously It doesn’t work and I can’t download files.

I tried to read all the cookies retrieved using a Cookies.ubound, in order to know how many cookies I got.
and then read its Name and Value. but I got no success.

Now the question here is, Nowadays exists another method to catch the Cookies on Windows??.

The owner of the website changed their login system and added CAPTCHA
They don’t want you doing this.

Ask for API access.

[quote=315594:@Tim Parnell]The owner of the website changed their login system and added CAPTCHA
They don’t want you doing this.

Ask for API access.[/quote]

I solved, unfortunately the owner doesn’t have API access, but I found a solution. I used Mozilla Firefox and HTTP Live Headers in order to catch the headers, the login pages, and fortunately for me I found a hidden login webpage that avoids the CAPTCHA.

Then I needed to reassemble the Cookie in order to download files correctly, I realized of that. Downloading files with cookie bad assembled Cookie makes that NOT download nothing. :smiley: