Converting to Xojo errors

When I open my old Real Studio project in Xojo everything appears fine.

When I run though I get 17 errors all related to StyleGrid.

It barks that some of the events are already in the parent StyleGrid object.
This occurs on MouseDown, ControlCreated, OnCellActivate, and several other events.

I have 5 grid instances and the code varies slightly for each instance.

Where do I move that code? Am I supposed to delete those offending events in Xojo but move the code elsewhere?

I read thru the conversion guide but it was just mostly about using the new user interface.


I received that error incorrectly on multiple occasions when I have forgotten to add the custom class to the new project. Adding the class fixed all errors with no further action. Are you sure the StyleGrid class has been correctly added and loaded into the converted project?

OK I recall in old real studio we had to put custom classes in a folder somewhere before starting it up?

Or is it something else that I need to do…

The exact error is: sGrid1 on frmAsset implements the event “ControlCreated” but its superclass StyleGrid has already implemented the event.

Similar errors for: OnEditCell, OnVScroll, MouseDown, CellAction and same errors on multiple instances of the grid in the app.

StyleGrid is a plugin and needs to be copied into the Plugins folder for your Xojo installation. You’ll also want to make sure you get the latest version fro Einhugur.

Ok I got it all converted… I did not copy some of the Plugins over including StyleGrid.

The downside is I still have the same problem reading in data from a SQL Lite file… it occurs in Xojo too. :frowning: