Converting Slideshow to MP4

If you were building an image slideshow module with music, how would you go about exporting it to an MP4? or similar movie file?

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Mac? Win? Linux?

We have AVFoundation plugin for Mac to create movie from pictures and add audio.

This would be Mac/Win, for a desktop program. So AVFoundation can do this?

Sorry, AVFoundation is from Apple, so Mac only.

Any good cross platform solution to this slideshow need? My app uses QuickTime to do this cross platform, but QuickTime is no longer available on OS X. Looking for alternatives…

AVFoundation can be used to do this, however there’s two issues.

  1. It’s Apple platforms Only.
  2. AVFoundation, especially when compared to QuickTime is very confusing and frustrating to work with. It’s far more capable than QuickTime, but doing the simpler stuff takes quite a bit of learning.

I am afraid the you either go platform specific, or look for a 3rd party x-plat video editing library (there’s none that I am aware of sorry).

If you do decide to go platform specific, in theory you should be able to use AVFoundation for the Mac and iPad, I would recommend considering an iPad first application as Apple seem intent on making Mac apps actually iPad apps with an extra layer of frosting.

Another alternative, if applicable is to use HTML with CSS animations, especially if it’s a simple slideshow. At least that is x-plat.

It was so easy to do that when QuickTime was released :frowning:

You can use Photopia which is available for Mac and Windows. It is subscription-based and you can cancel when your slideshow is done.

You can do the same and better with Camtasia, however, that is an expensive solution and you need to have a good understanding of editing movies.

For your information, Photopia is created by engineers which were also involved in the ProShow slideshow software which is also excellent.

Just found out, you can do it within PowerPoint too. Here is the Youtube link to the tutorial :

How to convert a PPT to video

Hope this helps.

For MacOS, you can check MBS Xojo AVFoundation Plugin where we have examples on how to make a video out of pictures.

what about FFmpeg??