Converting RealStudio App to XOJO

I’m trying to convert an existing RealStudio app to XOJO and am stuck on the bundle id. I’ve reviewed the demo but since this is converted app, I can’t find where to put the bundle id.


bundle id is your “company id”

I use


just make sure all the ones you create and deploy are unique

Click on OS X under Build Settings in the Navigator and then enter the Bundle Identifier in the field in the Inspector.

Thanks Paul and Dave.
I’m seeing Mac App Name and Creator Code as well as the bundle ID. I assume the app name is the product name I’d publish under, but what is Creator Code?

The Mac App name is the file name. More information about these properties is in User Guide Book 1: Fundamentals, Chapter 6: Application Structure, Section 1: Desktop Apps.

The creator code is (was) used by older versions of OS X to map file types. Nowadays Apple prefers you use Uniform Type Identifiers instead. You can find out more about how to set up UTI in User Guide Book 4: Development, Chapter 2: Cross-Platform Development, Section 3.4: OS X Features: Uniform Type Identifiers (UTI).

Thanks, Paul. I leave creator code blank then for Xojo. Looks good, I’m back in business.