Converting a XOJO desktop program to a web-based version

I have a XOJO desktop (OS X) program that I would like to reproduce as a web-based application in Xojo cloud. Is there an easy way to do this, such as copy and pasting the windows of the desktop version one at a time into a Xojo web version (to be deployed to the Xojo Cloud)? If answering this is lengthy, can you direct me to the appropriate documentation. Thanks.

You’ll have to recreate your desktop UI using the web UI controls. There is no automatic way to do that.

Non-UI code, classes and modules can possibly be used without significant changes.

Porting Desktop Apps in the User Guide has some other things to consider.


That was fast, if discouraging. But thanks: You’ve saved me hours of frustration even if you couldn’t give me a magic conversion button.

A “magic conversion” between desktop and web is something that sounds useful at a high-level, but when you get into the details you quickly realize that there are enough general differences between desktop and web UIs that it instead makes much more sense to create specific UIs tailored for each of them.

For example, a desktop app can have a menu bar. A web app cannot so you’d have to figure out an alternative. A desktop app can have multiple windows open at once, but a web app can only have a single page onscreen at a time. A desktop app can handle keyboard and mouse events, but that is far less practical with a web app. And so forth.