Convert unicode literal to string

I’m having a senior moment with converting unicode literals to strings. I know that I can get a string via &u.

dim s as string = &u0308

gives me the umlaut of for an . But how do I convert this if I have the 0308 as local variable? The following code doesn’t give a result:

dim i as Integer = Val("&u0308") dim s as String = Chr(i)

Dim i As Integer = Val("&h" + “0308”)
Dim s As String = Encodings.UTF8.Chr(i)


dim i as Integer = Asc(&u0308) dim s as String = Chr(i)

@Peter: thanks, this works. But why do I need to use &h and not 0u???

From Documentation:
Val recognizes prefixes &o (octal), &b (binary), and &h (hexadecimal).

&hn returns a numeric constant. &un returns a string constant.
Currently, Val only evaluates strings resulting in numeric value returned as a Double number.