Convert Text to Integer

Trying to learn IOS development. I am having trouble trying to convert a Text Field to an Integer. I have created a Text Field for the user to enter “Bill Amount”. In the Text Change Event I have the following code:

Dim IntBillAmount As Integer = Integer.From.Text(BillAmountTextField)

That line of code is being flagged as a bug. The issue states: Parameter “the Text” expects type Text but this is a class IOSTextField.
I had tried to use CDble but it does not recognize that. What is the proper way to work with Text Fields that are numbers?

You need to specify the Text property of BillAmountTextField in order to get its text:

Dim IntBillAmount As Integer = Integer.From.Text(BillAmountTextField.Text)

And you’ve got misplaced dots. I need bigger fonts!

Dim IntBillAmount As Integer = Integer.FromText(BillAmountTextField.Text)

Yep, Newbie dumb mistake. Thank you for your time.