Convert Int64 RowTag to String

If an Int64 is stored in a RowTag and a string value of that Int64 is needed, is it safe enough to use:

lb.RowTag( i ).StringValue

Or is it necessary to use:

Format( lb.RowTag( i ), "#" )

Thank you

RowTags are stored as Variants in the current framework.

You should be able to grab the string value from it. I don’t think you need to use format.

But the “proper” way to do it might be:

Dim val as Int64 = lb.RowTag(i).IntegerValue
Dim s as string = str(val)

When the day comes when Xojo moves completely to the new framework Variants will go away and Auto will take their place. So you’ll need to explicitly do the conversion.

This is far, far away. I wouldn’t worry about that. Go with lb.RowTag( i ).StringValue and use Format only if you need thousands separator or so.