Convert Boolean to Text

Need to convert a boolean value to text.

Searched the forum and the dev center and did not find anything.

I believe with the old framework and with the string data type it was permissible to use the following:
Dim s As String
s = True

But, with the new framework if you try to use a boolean value to text, you get a TypeMismatch error: Expected TextLiteral, but got Boolean.

I am sure the solution is simple. Any help would be much appreciated.

Using Xojo.Core Dim t As Text = If(booleanVariable, "True", "False")

[quote=240669:@Eli Ott]Using Xojo.Core Dim t As Text = If(booleanVariable, "True", "False")[/quote]

You don’t even need the Using clause here.

Thanks, gentlemen. This approach worked great. I feel stupid that I did not think to do this in the first place. Happy Friday!