Convert array str to double

Hi everybody
Is there a way to convert a string array… pick from textbox via slpit = 8.5,2.5,2.4,6.9…
To a Double array (to make math operation on data)
i’v done with a loop (duplicate array) but the CDbl or Val won’t work

[code] Dim mergereject As String
Dim reject() As String
Dim rejectDbl() As Double
Dim i As Integer

mergereject = TextFieldTabloidGr.Text+","+TextFieldTabloidCo.Text


For i = 0 to UBound(reject)
CDbl(reject(i)) = rejectDbl(i)

iv try to convert data before put in array…


Wont work either
Of course if i can create directly a array of double from textbox… it will be better


You had your assignment backwards and no size specified for your rejectDbl() array. You could redim it to the size of your reject array or just do this:

For i = 0 to reject.ubound rejectDbl.append(CDbl(reject(i))) Next

Again Brock
I’v try several combination… but yours is so easy :slight_smile:
Im keep learning
Thanks again