conversion VBS createobject to ??

Aloha, I’m stuck converting this vbs…
set iim1= CreateObject (“imacros”)
iret = iim1.iimOpen("")
iret = iim1.iimDisplay(“Submitting Data from MS ACCESS”)


iim1 =  New OLEObject("imacros")


I can’t seem to configure the invoke correctly pass a parameter

dim iim1 as OLEObject
dim iret as variant

iim1 = New OLEObject (“imacros”) 'fine

iret = iim1.Invoke (“iimOpen”) ’ this works fine no parameters

iret = iim1.invoke ("iimDisplay’) 'works but I can’t seem to configure the params

iret= iim1.jbvokve (“iimdisplay”,“test”) 'doesn’t work.

so how do i pass parameters to this OLE method…

When you say ‘does not work’ … what have you tried apart from that one line of code?
What is jbvokve supposed to do?

To send parameters you need an array of variants.
Something like this:

Dim params(1) As Variant params(1) = "Hello world" // // // iim1.invoke ("iimDisplay',params)

Some documentation here:

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for your replies!

iret= iim1.jbvokve (“iimdisplay”,“test”) 'oh typo on my vogabook halo keyboard my bad

yeah I had tried the code before like this
Dim params(1) As Variant
params(1) = “TEST”

v=iim1.Invoke(“iimDisplay”,params(1)) '<= passing the array index = crashes on execution

of course

v=iim1.Invoke(“iimDisplay”,params) 'of course does the trick perfectly. not sure why i thought i had to pass the index