ControlSet ZOrder?

I have a controlset and when I add a new instance to it I want to position it on top of the previous one.
So I have a ‘stack’ of object on top of each other… but at one time… one is at the top.
so… how do i move one to the top? Give it focus?

-ide version
are you trying this with?

I just tried it in windows with a textfield and it worked as expected with the newest control being the front/top most.

Two types a listbox and textarea
Version 2019 Release 1
Mac OS X 10.15.4


Yes… I see that the area is created and the number in the area is incrementing…
Now… I want the first one i created “On Top” and occluding the others below.

Top is the front most, that is why you’re seeing the number increment because the new one is on top, so you want new ones to be created under existing ones and 0 to remain visible?

If I’ve created 10 instances but I want to active instance 4 such that it is the one I am seeing… i do that by…

You should really manage the visibility of the controls and only have one visible at a time if they are all occluding each other or use a page panel, any other solution will incur a performance hit (but that wont really matter if its only a few contorls).

Project link above update, redownload

Edit: The “bodge” in the example above only works on the mac, for windows, use BringWindowToTop or SetWindowPos on the control