Controls ZIndex

I use dynamic ContainerControls to display custom boxes, a bit like WebDialogs.

I just ran into a problem with a view where when I add the new container control, existing controls show in front.

Is there any way to ensure the newly added control comes in front ?

In Windows, there is a declare to make a control front in code. Is is there really nothing in the rich iOS framework to do the same ?

I see that Swift has bringSubviewToFront, so it must be possible with a declare. I could not figure which part of the framework does that, though.

[quote=293226:@jean-paul devulder]The problem is getting the real UIView pointer from ContainerControl

The handle value is a Xojo subclass, but you can use call bringSubviewToFront with us, crash app.[/quote]

Yes, that is what I found. I had hoped gurus like you would have a solution.