Controls do not fit on form

I build a simple window, with several controls. On many computers, all controls are exactly as on my development machine. On one machine, the controls are too big for the window. I have tried Windows magnification, but the controls still fit properly on the window, but the window may not fit on the screen. The same is true if the user’s resolution is too low. Has anyone seen this problem before?

Need more info. This could be for a number of reasons not limited to:

  • user GUI settings and accessibility
  • OS and dependant frameworks
  • menu bar locations (is menu in app or on desktop)
  • ???

I think I figured it out. A control on the form has a scaling factor based on the screen type (Retina). My thought is that this control changed size as a function of the scale, and the other controls on the Window were placed in reference to this control. I will test it on the problem computer on Sunday.

The issue was caused by the user rotating the screen on a 2-in-1 laptop.