Controls disappearing in window

Since moving to 2015r1 and then r2 some of the controls in a window are disappearing on running my app. I added a bevelbutton primarily to see if the controls are moved further down. But then the controls show up again.

The following screenshots show the window with the control missing (first part). Then I added the bevel button (second part). And finally I made the bevel button 1x1 pixel.

The progress bar and the numbers are supposed to move down depending on the length of the mailboxpath. Does anyone have an idea what could cause such a fine behavior?

Not but I’d love a bug report with a project that is experiencing this (attach your whole project if your want to a second private note on the case)

Secondly you might try this in the new Beta since you’re on that list

I should be able to get this part of my 400+ classes main project out to a separate project. Beta is already downloading.