controls created dynamically cannot be tapped on mobile safari iOS

Controls dragged directly into a web page work fine, but if you create them dynamically by instantiating container controls with them you wont be able to reliably tap them on Mobile Safari. You can sometimes get them to work if you tap just at the very bottom of the control border or just below it. I know this is true for the menu bar, the webLabel and the segmented control, it may be true for others as well. I’ve created a feedback report and a program that demonstrates the problem. i’d love to know if anyone else dynamically creating pages or using container controls has seen this or if there is a work around that someone has discovered.



Quite possibly related to this case which has been verified.


yup, I’ve seen that too. You can’t grab a page for scrolling if you touch on a container control. That is also frustrating. There are several interesting things with container controls…