Controls become blur in design time

Hi all,

I have just upgraded to Xojo 2017r1.1 from 2016r3. The controls appear in design time become blur with strange display.

  1. labels become blur
  2. strange lines on the right hand side of text fields (not all)
  3. missing right and bottom line for container

Which platform and version ?

Windows 10

Two things changed on Windows since 2016r3.

  1. All graphics drawing is now being done via Direct2D.
  2. The IDE now renders graphics for HiDPI. That means that if your screen is set to anything > 100%, you’ll be using higher resolution graphics in most places. That said, my experience so far is that whole increments are handled much better than partials (100, 200, 300 as opposed to something like 175%).

Thanks Greg, I think you are correct as this only happens on my notebook, Xojo shows normal on my desktop PC (both running Windows 10). Will have a look at the display settings in my notebook. Thanks again.