Controlling Apps with the Mind

I’ve been playing with the mindwave sdk and its amazing! By processing raw brainwaves, you can create “thought signatures” and control your Xojo apps with your mind…no hands…no speech. So far I have made apps to move the mouse and execute functions. I’d recommend this product to anyone seeking to add a “little spice” to their software. The body and headsets arent all that expensive, and the SDK is easy to use.

This is something I am very interested in. This kind of technology has huge implications for special needs and disabled kids and adults. I have done some Xojo projects in the past for kids with physical problems - that was before there was technology like this.

Which headset or bundle did you buy?

Hey Matthew, this looks amazing and could be very interesting for the web project I am working on. So, knowing how quickly you churn out code and libraries, when is their going to be a Xojo developers add-on :wink:

This is also something I’m very interested as we have a special needs child and I think he could benefit from something like this…

I’ve actually been playing with the headset for a friend who’s husband has been in a coma for a little over a year. We devised a test that since humans in a coma are still fully conscious of their surroundings, perhaps I could create a “method of communication” to link coma patients to the "real world. " So far the first application can be trained to recognize “yes” “no” with 100% accuracy… so our plan is to explain to him what we are doing, and since it must be trained to every individual, we will read him some questions that we know are yes questions and a set of questions that we know for certain he’d respond no to. Then, analyze the raw brain data for patterns which intersect/correspond to both yes and no responses, then the fun begins… although yes and no will be the first step since entire “reading of the mind” can’t fully be achieved, at least this will open the door for coma patients and their families to communicate slightly. … or even police to track down suspects who injure someone placing them in a coma. …And give some families a little “rest” knowing the person they love is "still in there. " a little more testing has to be done and tested with numerous “conscious” individuals before we try to bridge the gap in about a month. So far weve tested the software with a little over a dozen individuals with 100% accuracy. … so this may open many doors in many situations. We will document the actual in-hospital test run on video.

Matthew, just read out your post to my wife and she is in total ore of what you are doing and she asked me to pass on her wishes of good luck and how that you are able to help your friends husband even in some small way would be totally amazing.

Good luck! How does this relate to Xojo?

Because as developers we look at new technology and how we can integrate it with Xojo!

Okay, cool. I have an Oculus Rift, and I was hoping this had a Xojo add-on since this is where the post was added (whatever an add-on is!).