Control to Resize Window Containers


I am new to Xojo but know my way around OO programing from Java. I downloaded the IDE and created my UI prototype. I can’t however find a control to allow a user to manually resize the containers (like a listbox container) to expose more of the records on the desktop display.

For example, the app I am developing uses a listbox table which spans the full bottom area of the application. But I would like the user to be able to resize this area up/down to be able to view more records once the data is computed. How can I do that?

I see the separators but they don’t resize the windows. Is there another control which will allow for resizing?


Any suggestions on this? Or are there no controls in Xojo to accomplish manual container resizing.


Sounds like you need a splitter control. Here’s a decent thread with both commercial and open-source versions.

Read through the thread, and download some of the samples. Should get you fixed up. I use the Einhugur WindowSplitter , but the public ones are very similar and will do what you need…


Thanks for the suggestions. Will give it a go.