Control to move a listbox row

I use listbox property EnableDragReorder set to true, to reorder rows in a listbox, work fine.
how can I avoid (which event to use) to reorder a row which should not be moved.
have a flag set on those rows.

Try Listbox.DragRow

My understanding from the docs is that you could check the value of Row (defined by DragRow).
If it’s the one you don’t want to move, return false.
If it’s allowed to move, return true.

returning false did not work, so I set listbox property EnableDragReorder set to False, now it was working
From now on it does not allow to drag any row even the DragRow event returned true.
So I thought ok, lets set listbox property EnableDragReorder to True again and return True, just did not work.
it seems the listbox needs to be reloaded again in order drag rows work again.

You have to return true in DragReorderRows.

you see the row indicator moving while dragging, but at release (when the event fires) nothing will happen

Thanks Antonio, event DragReorderRows fixed the problem