Control Sets and fixing event handler names

I’m going through and changing “Open” to “Opening” etc. This is tedious but I’m making progress. However in each Control Set that I have, generally for buttons, I am having no luck changing as it might be “Open” to Opening.

  1. In the list of event handlers for the Set, the existing deprecated event name has the little red D next to it. Right-Click on that does not offer to change the name.

  2. If instead I right-click at the top of the list of event handlers, I can select “Add -> Event Handler…” and I get the panel for adding an event handler. In the presented list, Opening is in bold, thus. If I select that then red text appears in the panel to tell me that Open will be renamed to Opening. Clicking “Convert”, however, has no effect.

Is there something else I should be doing, or is this a bug?

It’s a bug. Already reported. <>

Invisible to me but I found the closed duplicate. Thanks.