Control Position Locks

Wondering if anyone thinks this is a “bug” or a “feature” :slight_smile:

  • create a window (500x500)
  • add a button
  • set its left to 600 (yes beyond the window)
  • lock the RIGHT side of the button

That button will never appear… since it is locked to Width+100 so it keeps moving out as the window gets wider

I was expecting (hoping) that once the window exceeded 600, the button would appear and track from then out… but I guess it can’t

[end of rambling]

Locking right means “Always stay this many pixels from the right”, which in your case is -100px
Locking left means “Always stay this many pixels from the left”
Locking both means “Always make sure your left edge is here, and your right edge is here, stretch to fill the space.”

What you want is kind of beyond the locking.

yeah… I know, but was hoping… was mostly just a random observation I ran across when testing something with Autolayout Constraints.