Control Handle Getter - Gtk3

Due to the problem with TextBox borders on Gtk3 then I am for first time attempting to return Gtk3 control in the ControlHandleGetter like we sometimes do in Cocoa.

Is there something else that I need to be doing than just new the control ?

I am responsible for sizing it ?

I do see the control partially but it comes wrong.



Thanks Jean-Paul

Sounds like its different than on the Mac then! I will try as you say

Hmm I don’t know how to set the X and Y in Gtk3, I returned the handle, and Xojo embeds it in whatever box they use (guessing GtkFixed or something like that) but its position seems to be relative to the window and not to the control. And I thought I could only set the X and Y at the time of putting the control in a Box ? But Xojo has already put it in box and made it appear.