Continuity on iOS 8

I thought iOS8 had Continuity - the ability to open Pages on my iPad if I had a document open on my iPhone and moved closer to it?? I have just tried it and nothing happens? Have I misunderstood?


this talks about how to make sure Handoff is enabled and how to use it. I’m guessing there’s supposed to be a little icon in Pages on the iPad to click on to take over from the phone.

Both devices are using the same iCloud account; Handoff is enabled on both devices, and so is bluetooth - but if I open Pages on my iPhone, no icon appears on my iPad’s lock screen, or indeed, anywhere else on the iPad???

I just tried the example from the macobserver site. When I start a mail on the iPhone it does show a cute icon on the iPad lock screen. But after I enter my code, mail does not show the message started on the iPhone.

Humbug !

the function was bugged on DP8 :frowning:

Just tried that - If I type the addressee and the title of the email (on iPhone) - it works perfectly, when I access it on the iPad.
However, Pages does not work at all :frowning:

Between the bendgazi issue and this botched implementation, Apple needs to iron things somewhat. I was watching Tech News Today this morning and it seems there are many more issues with iOS8, amazingly enough mostly manifesting on iPhone 6 and 6+…

I just realised there is an 8.0.2 upgrade available.