is it possible to call contextualmenu to be popped up by left click of the mouse or in a push button?
tap and hold on a tablet PC seems not working properly on ubuntu 20 64 bit.


Hi, Arief!
What you likely want to do is create a MenuItem with the items you wish to display, which you can then call the Popup function of.

For example:

Var m as new MenuItem 'Create the base item
m.AddMenu( new MenuItem( "Item Text" ) ) 'Create and add a child item

Var mRet as MenuItem = m.Popup 'Show the menu and capture the item selected, if any
If mRet <> Nil Then 'Make sure a child item was selected
    If mRet.Value = "Item Text" Then 'See if it's the item we're looking for.
        'It is, so we do some action here.
    End If
End If

If you wish to show your current window’s EditMenu, then this can be accomplished, according to the documentation on the MenuItem page, by doing the following:

Var m As MenuItem
m = EditMenu.Popup

Hi Mr. Cyphers,

I am forgot to tell that the contextualMenu is already made in a listbox, so when I do right-clicking the mouse, the menu is shown.

so how to call that constructContextualMenu in a listbox from a pushbutton ?


I would move the code to build the menu to a method that returns the items, then you can use the code above to call that method, or just append the items in ConstructContextualMenu.