ContextualMenu and Drag in Canvas

In a project, I use Canvas and ContextualMenu (Copy and Save).

I wanted to add Drag to Finder (Explorer…), but Return True in MouseDown disable ContextualMenu.

you could start the drag if the mouse was moved for some pixels.
or using a drag zone.

ContextualMenu works fine (I implemented Copy and Save - the Image-).

When I add code to drag and drop, found in the LR, problems arise.
I removed all code, then he MouseDown Event, then simply add Return True in MouseDown: no Drag and ContextualMenu does not works too.

Before wasting hours, I prefered asking here, but apparently, I’d better trash the idea and stay with ContextualMenu.

at windows i use left mouse for drag and the right mouse for a context menu.
when you return true at mouse events is relevant.

And if you return true only when it’s the left mouse button?
Like “Return not IsContextualClick”

I will try that, thanks.

Excellent advice, THANK YOU; in fact: The Solution.

Now, I will implement “Promised File” and that feature will be complete.

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