Contextual menu problem

Why do objects that are part of a set and have a contextual menu not respond to a mouse right click? In order to get the menu to display, I must first hold down the control key and then right-click. Objects not part of a set work fine with a simple right click.

Is there a reason for this drawback? More so, is there a fix?

What OS?

Typically OSX (apple) has only single button mouse which is the LEFT button… and Ctrl key and mouse is RIGHT… however if you replace the Apple hardware mouse with a standard two button mouse (such as I have done)… the Left and Right mouse buttons work as expected.

On Windows I would expect this to work the same, especially as you probably would have a two button mouse on most Win machines.

I have Xojo apps with control sets of objects, and they respond properly to left/right and mouse wheel events (on OSX)

Dave, it’s OSX with a magic mouse.

Then there may be another reason why it’s not working properly. All I know is I have a set of bevbuttons and a set of lables not responding to just a single right-click to pop the menu. This drove me nuts until I tried it on the same type controls that were not part of a set and it work fine.

Correction, bevbuttons not part of a set don’t work, I must control left-click to pop the menu.

OK, I figured it out. Having ‘return true’ in the MouseDown event diverts flow somewhere else, the only way to regain it is to hold down the Control key.

I need to understand exactly how ‘return true’ affects event handlers.