Contextual menu not firing from Combobox

I have a combox with constructcontextualmenu

base.AddMenu(New MenuItem("Edit Relationship"))

Return True

and the contextualmenuaction

if hitItem <> Nil then
  select case hititem.Text
  case "Edit Relationship"
  end select
end if

However rightclicking on the combo box does not trigger the constructcontextualMenu. I’ve been able to get this to work fine for listboxes but it does not seem to work for my combo box. Ideas?

If you right click on the text in the field, the control intercepts the contextual click and drops it own menu. To get your contextual menu, right click in the little down arrow that would otherwise drop the list.

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Thanks so much, I didn’t realize I had to click there, works fine now :slight_smile:

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