Context menu for renaming API 1 events to API 2 events

Some time back, there was a feature where you could right-click on API 1 event names in the Navigator and there was a menu item to switch the event to the API 2 equivalent, eg to change “Open” to “Opening”. I’m converting an iOS project to API2 and that would be a really useful feature right now but I can’t work out whether it’s possible to get that menu to appear anymore?

Use AutoComplete in 2021r2.1 ?

For events? How’d you do tat?


The context menu for renaming the events was only in one version. Afterwards I had to rename all events back because Xojo scrapped the plan to rename the events.

Bummer. It’s a lot of copying and pasting without that.

I do not do that. I tried to help / better take a coffee instead.

No problem :wink:
Just my way of highlighting the answer wasn’t applicable here.

Since I never used this capability, I didn’t noticed it went away. By “one version”, you mean just a single released version in a year, or all releases of a given year?

2019r1 or r2 I think. When API 2.0 was introduced.

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I think that was 2019r2. And then undone in r2.1.

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