CONTENTS not alphabetical

When I see CONTENTS of my project on the left it is not in alphabetical order.

It makes it tough to find anything.

Is there a setting for that?


You mean the listing of project items, like windows, classes and modules? Drag them into whatever order you’d like.

No, the project items in the Navigator are not sorted. However, you can drag them around to put them in the order you want.

You can also use the filter above the navigator to narrow the list.

There is a feature request for this: Xojo - Navigator option to display in Alphabetical Order.

I’ve added #26138 to my top too. Strange that it still didn’t implement in Xojo.
I’ve few big projects with a lot of files and sort it manually, it does not expect from modern IDE.

You also can add folder(s) to assemble objects on subjects / do not have tons of entries / easy to move the items based on your criterias.

more than ten years ago, I created a multi-purposes utilities projects (a bit like AppleWorks was: a collection of utilities).

I added as many folders as needed and put everything related in their own folders: that makes the maintenance easier (I opened that project yesterday evening…)

In the Navigator pane I have a bunch of entries (application related) and folders (utilities related): one folder for image related stuff, one folder for text related stuff, one folder for download manager related stuff, one folder for Windows files I/O related stuff…

Also there’s a slightly older report ranked at #66:
25482 - Xojo: The project Contents list is unsorted and unsortable

I requested a merge…