Containers: Is there a way to identify multiple containers in the same windows?

I have a container with a number of buttons etc. I drag this container onto a window so I have 3 of them in the window. When the container open event fires at the time the app is launched, I would like to be able to identify which container is which, so I can choose the correct container to hide.
Is there a way to do this in code?

Presumably you’ve given them unique names (well, you have to). Can’t you identify them via name? If you need to know which container had user input you can implement a custom event and add the EventHandler to the parent window so you can tell which one did something.

Or maybe I misunderstand what you’re asking for.

you can add a property to your container, “containerName”, then using the inspector behavior show this property in the IDE and set yourself the name of each container you drag in the IDE window. then at runtime you have the value of the property you need.

Thanks, your suggestions pointed me in the right direction.

You can also put your containers in an array