ContainerControls in ControlArray?

I’ve recently started heavily using ContainerControls for much of my UI layout. They are a great way to compartmentalize and re-use UI widgets etc.

But I discovered that they cannot be made into a ControlArray… so if I build a UI that has (in my case) 5 identical sections (for setting up channels on a device - the device has 5 channels that can all independently do things), I can’t put these sections into an array, and instead am forced to manually mess with each one individually.

This stinks.

A feature request for this functionality has been out there for 5 years, and it is ranked 49th in popularity. Please sign on if you think this feature would save you some time.



Since you can embed them dynamically just keep an array of references to them

Thanks @Norman Palardy . Good suggestion. MUCH cleaner code now.

They’re not “controls” in the conventional sense (they dont inherit from Control or Rect Control) so getting them into a “control array” is very unlikely
They’re kind of mutants :slight_smile: