ContainerControl Trouble with Canvas and Scrollbar

I’m creating a ContainerControl with a Canvas and a Scrollbar. I’ll call this, MyScrollViewCC. I drag this ContainerControl to the window I need it in.

I also have another ContainerControl with a TextField, PopupMenu and BevelButton. I’ll call this, MyScrollViewItemCC.

In the window where an instance of MyScrollViewCC lives, there is a BevelButton which allows the user to add instances of MyScrollViewItemCC to the instance of MyScrollViewCC.

Everything works fine except when I scroll up and down. The instances of MyScrollViewItemCC become garbled as the user scrolls the scrollbar.

If I replace the instance of MyScrollViewCC with just putting a Canvas and Scrollbar right on the window, then everything is fine. But I would really like to have this Canvas and Scrollbar in it’s own container for reuse in another place in my app.

I tested this with version 2013 Release 3.3.

Any way around this?

Thank you