ContainerControl in Windows

I’m opening containercontrol on top of everything. In container control I have buttons.
In windows textfields under containercontrol displays thru containercontrol and buttons.
And containercontrol is transparent on windows, even if transparent is off.
In mac it works fine.

Actually, it displays correctly until you move mouse on top of it…

I believe that it is preferable not to try layering controls on Windows, as this can cause a lot of flickering and I believe the Windows API was not made to layer controls.

There is project that shows this. Am I doing something wrong here or is this bug.
How can I prevent this.
If You run this in windows and move mouse on top of buttons You see what I mean.


I’m also seeing this issue on the latest Xojo release. Here’s a video that demonstrates it.

The listbox is inside a ContainterControl. When I roll over a control thats outside of the container’s scope, I get a massive
flicker – only on windows.

Really make sure you have no controls overlapping. That will cause massive flicker in Windows.
Make sure Container.EraseBackground is set to false.
Make sure control invalidate commands send false so not to erase the background
Make sure control refresh commands send false so not to erase the background
All canvas objects should have doublebuffer = true

It is really hard to eliminate all flicker in Windows you should be able to make it bearable. I would start by pulling the UI apart and seeing if that’s the cause. Sometimes it’s a simple fix, sometimes it’s not.