ContainerControl as modal dialog

Can I somehow use ContainerControl as a modal dialog? It would open on top of the UI (in the same window) and stop the current method until it closes.

Nope. You can’t use a ContainerControl like a modal window, although you will get some entertaining results if you try the ShowModal method on one.

Put an instance of it on a MovableModal dialog & show it that way as a modal dialog

What if I can’t use a window? The main window is “always on top”.

Place a modal dialog box inside your container control then embed the container control on to your main window on the fly. Get the container control to open up the modal dialog box. When all is finished close down the modal dialog box and the container control.

I use this to create a ‘Please wait…’ dialog window that can be placed on any web edition screen in one line. It also automatically removes itself when the method has finished.

Wouldn’t creating a modal dialog disable controls on the ContainerControl? There’s a couple of buttons (Yes/No) on the ContainerControl that I need to get value from.