Container - scrollable area

It’s the first time I’m making an IOS app and I need some advice.
I want to make a display list of data, between 60 and 100 rows usually, and I am using the container control for the row and the scrollable area in the view.
I have also tried to make a canvas add the containers to it and put it in the scrollable area or make another container instead of a canvas.

The problem is a cannot make the rows visible in either the container or the canvas. I am using the AddControl method, but I think I am missing something. Also how can I add a new container under the previous? Is there a better way to do this?

Dim caList as new iosCanvas
For i as integer=0 to 100
Dim row as new ccRow
row.setData(i,“15:00”, “100”, “name”)

scrlList.content = caList //scrlList is the scrollable area

Hi Stefania,
if you have more than 60 rows, isn’t better to use a iosTable with custom cells?

Is it better to use the iosTable even though I don’t want the rows to be selectable - or do anything apart from display?

Also is there a way to not have the dividers between the rows in the iosTable?

It’s a performance/memory problem.
You setup objects (in view) even if they are not visible. iOSTable take care of this and shows/update only what’s visible (a little more to let you scroll easier)

The selectable problem can be solved with a declare o using an extension (to do it in pure Xojo)

What worked for me was to replace the iOSTable by an HTMLTable inside an iOSHTMLViewer. For a read only table, that would be extremely simple to conjure up.

You could also try FlexGrid: