Container controls in a list box format

We are trying to handle a 100 by 1000 matrix of container controls. We are outputting these on to a canvas and handling scroll bars. We are finding that it is slow moving/scrolling the canvas as we need to remove objects (close containers) and re embed (recreate containers) each time which I think is causing the slowness.
Do we need to delete the embedded containers and recreate or can we just re-embed the containers? If so how do we delete from the canvas?

Any one got any ideas or a different way to make this work?

Thank you

Which platform? What are are you trying to do?

If you are only interested in a macOS solution check out NSTableView from the MBS plugins.

Both Windows and mac OS.

We are wondering if we are repainting the canvas correctly. When the user scrolls up or down we are clearing the canvas of embedded container controls and then re-embedded a new set of container controls. At the same time we have to fix labels etc… on that control, I think this is all taking the time.

Need some ideas on clearing the canvas and re displaying objects…

Use an offscreen picture and do the painting there, then display it in the Canvas?

Why not just change each Container’s .Top and .Left property when you embed or resize the containers, then adjust the Canvas height with the total height of all the containers? No need to re-embed as you scroll.

are you sure you need so much container controls and not just display the data on the visible part of screen?
here is a nice blog with much data, instead of listbox you could paint the data.
or if you need to edit the data use only one container control row or just a simple input field where the input is.
this blog is nice because it have really 1000000 datas.

Thank you for all of your comments. I will look in to this and get back to you on what works. Thank you.