container control sub class

Is it possible to subclass container controls? I think probably no so I have a follow up question:

I have 5 similar container controls, they all have the same exact methods and properties. But the controls placed on them are all different. Every time I need to make a change to one of the methods, I have to go back and cut & paste the changes to all the other container controls so the functionality is the same for all of them. Is there a way to have them all have the same functionality (methods & properties etc…) without having to go through all the work of copying the methods & properties over to each one?

Yes, you can subclass containter control classes, but not container controls themselves. In other words, you can create a class with super ContainerControl and add methods and properties to it. Then you can use that class to create container controls with layout - you add controls to them - and they inherit all the methods and properties. Once a container has controls, it can no longer be subclassed any further.

Thank you Tim!